Latch Hook Crafts

By Heartful Crafts

Offering the largest selection of DIY Handmade Latch Hook Rugs and Pillows. Every kit comes with everything you need: canvas grid, latch hook tool, color coded instructions, pre-cut yarn.

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Halloween Latch Hook Kits

What are Latch Hook Kits?

Are you a fan of the old school arts and crafts that are no longer popular with young people today? If so, why not try learning how to latching hooking as a new hobby - something that is easy to learn and will provide you with countless hours of fun and relief from daily stress.

  • One kit is all you need

    We provide pre-made patterns of images (designs). Every design comes with a guide to tell you exactly where each yarn thread goes. You will have all the yarn and tools needed to complete the picture.

  • Easy and relaxing to do

    Simply follow the color coded guide and make yarn hooks with the latch hook tool. Repeat the same technique for every grid square. Make a beautiful rug or pillowcase without any artistic skills - only patience!

  • Something for everyone

    Get started today with your first Latch Hook Rug or Pillowcase. Heartful Crafts is a trusted brand name for diamond paintings so you can buy with confidence. Choose from hundreds of gorgeous designs today.

Frequently Asked

Which product is best for me?

Our rugs contain the most detailed designs and are definitely our star products! However these are huge projects that may take weeks to complete. If you are just starting out and want something that requires less time and financial, try a pillowcase for your couch cushions.

Do I need any extra equipment?

Not at all! Every single one of our kits come pre-packaged with all the goodies you need to get right into the fun straight away.

Why should I buy from you?

Heartful Crafts is a brand trusted by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. We have been in the diamond painting business for 5 years and you can visit us there at

Can this hobby change your life?

Arts and Crafts have been known to do wonders for anxiety because it's a creative outlet that gives your mind a break from the chaos of daily life. With our color guided canvases, you are guaranteed to make something you'll be so proud to display in your home or give to loved ones as a personal gift.

Get started today with a rug or pillowcase design and see how it can bring a bit more happiness to your life!